Illustrated by Cynthia Decker
Dutton Children’s/Penguin
Ages: 4 to 8
June 2005

0525472258 (hardcover)

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Jack is in trouble—BIG trouble. “All I did is make one little mistake,” he grumbles. Jack proceeds to recount, for his mother’s benefit, mistakes made by the adults in his life—mistakes that he is sure are at least as bad as his own. This picture book is a comical reminder of one of life’s truths: Everybody makes mistakes—but it’s not the end of the world when they do.


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The Idea

When my children gleefully point out a mistake I’ve made, I often reply, “Everybody makes mistakes.” This is both a plea for forgiveness and a reminder that mistakes are a part of life.


But one day after I’d said it, the little kid part of me rolled her eyes and said, “Give me a break! Maybe everybody makes mistakes, but kids are the only ones who get in trouble for it.” So I guess you could say I got the idea from the part of me that still hasn't grown up, and doesn't even want to.



Kirkus Reviews: “Entertaining and clever.”

Booklist: “. . .an entertaining read-aloud.”